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3 Steps of Challenge to Success! Hokushin Telnex has been providing services in the fields of IP Networks, Telephony Systems, Lightning Protection, LED Lighting, Security Systems, AVC/Conference Systems, Electrical Infrastructure (Substation, Emergency Power Generating Systems, Power-Supply Facility Services), and in Construction Services.

Services and Operations

Installing telephone switchboards, building IP networks,
and managing facility equipment

Hokushin Telnex provides a wide range of services in various fields: design and installation of communication networks; sales of telecommunication equipment; maintenance and inspection support and installation of private branch exchange equipment; sales and construction of telephone equipment; specialized IP network construction, and ICT substation facility design. We also offer construction, support, and maintenance services for: substation; emergency power generator systems; and power-supply equipment.

“Facility” refers to real estate (land and buildings) for business use, and infrastructure (incoming panels, electrical generators, fuel tanks, UPS systems, and rectifiers).


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