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Services/ Business Overview

We provide infrastructure for BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
by ensuring power supply in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Power Generator Systems ABOUT IP NETWORK

“Emergency Power Generator Systems” are facilities that generate electric power automatically when power supply from the grid is interrupted.
It ensures a power supply via a generator during power outages and functions as Security power supply and Commercial power supply for maintain the function of electrical equipment.
Installing an emergency power generator system can prevent blackouts which cause suspensions of services and stopped production lines. It enables businesses to continue as usual during outages.

We handle installation, upgrading, expansion, planning, construction, and all necessary paperwork. We provide the best facility solution to suit the customer’s needs.

Services CLIENS

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    Emergency Power Generator Systems: installation, upgrades, repairs, expansion, planning, and construction

    We provide services for emergency power generator systems from planning to construction.

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    Plumbing: underground tanks, inside tanks, service tanks

    We provide plumbing services for various kinds of oil, fuel tanks, and facilities from planning to construction.

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    Removing black smoke and vibration control units

    We provide support equipment to remove black smoke produced when generating emergency power.

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    Application to Government Agencies

    We take care of all necessary paperwork regarding the installation of emergency power generator systems.
    【Applications and Public Offices】
    ・METI: notification
    ・Fire Departments: consultation and application

Emergency Power Generating System reference

  • Installation of underground tank

  • Installation of fuel tank

  • Installation of indoor tank storage

  • Emergency electricity foundation work

  • Installation of anti-vibration device for emergency generator

  • Bringing an emergency generator

  • Installation of emergency generator

  • Installation of black smoke removal device