Hokushin Telnex Co., Ltd.

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Services/ Business Overview

We provide the best construction solutions to the
customer’s needs from planning to construction.


Due to expansion of the communication network, PCs and smartphones are now part of our daily life. Their usage is not only at work or at house, but at all times; the environment has drastically changed.
Upgrading and installing new antenna facilities and communication station facilities are required.

We take care of all necessary paperwork to government agencies regarding the installation, upgrade, and expansion of communication station facilities. We provide the best facility solution to the customer’s needs for facilities and its buildings.

Services CLIENS

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    Expansion, upgrade, and repair of facilities

    We expand, upgrade and repair existing facilities and buildings based on the customer need.

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    Engineering survey and report, and applications

    We provide engineering survey, seismic diagnosis and applications to government agencies.