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Services/ Business Overview

We install, maintain, and repair substation facilities
in a safe and accurate manner to provide a stable,
reliable, power supply system.

Substation Facility Services ABOUT IP NETWORK

“Substation facility” is the facility where electricity is received from the electric power substation and its voltage is adjusted for its intended use.
As well as this, it prevents lightning incursion and automatically shuts down the system to minimize damages when current leakage occurs.
A substation facility consists of various apparatus, and it is placed in cubicle.
Risk of electricity outage and related damage in the facility increase by each component failure due to degradation with age.
It is difficult to identify faulty parts with general inspection and maintenance, periodic upgrades are highly recommended.

We install, upgrade, repair, plan, handle construction and associated paperwork at relevant government agencies. We provide the best substation facility solutions to the customer’s needs.

Services CLIENS

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    Service pole installation, temporary systems, upgrades, repairs, planning, and construction

    We provide service pole solutions from planning to construction.
    We provide the best solution for installation, temporary systems, upgrades, repairs, and expansion.

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    Cubicle : installation, upgradation, repairing, expansion, planning and construction

    We provide high voltage substation solutions from planning to construction.
    We provide the best solutions for installation, upgrades, repairs, and expansion.

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    Trunk Line Facility Construction

    We install trunk lines from start to finish electing materials and power supply capacity calculations based on each individual use case.

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    Power Facility Construction

    We provide upgrade services and power supply construction for power plates, instrument panels, and control panels

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    Light Facility Construction

    We provide planning and construction services for distribution boards, illumination lights, and electric power outlets.

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    Application for Public Offices

    We take care of all necessary paperwork for government agencies regarding the installation of substation facilities.
    【Applications and Public Offices】
    ・Licensed electrical engineers : consultation
    ・Electric power utility companies : consultation and application
    ・Fire Departments : consultation and application