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Services/ Business Overview

We provide stable power supply facilities to make customers valuable equipment and systems operate reliably.

Power Supply Facility Services ABOUT IP NETWORK

“Power Supply Facility Services” is a system which acts as a backup power supply in case of power outages or emergencies and regulates the power supply and allows equipment and systems to continue to function stably.

The main options for power supply facilities are uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and DC power supply units (RECT). Power supply facilities for office use cases, data centers, financial markets, and other places have enough capability to control workload itself, but it enhances the ability to make operation more stable by combining the supply with emergency power generator systems.

However, when switching over workload to other power supply while upgrading or repairing, workloads must be halted or continue in an unstable manner whilst the backup is not working properly. Even in unstable power supply circumstances, we can provide a method of switching power sources to upgrade and repair power supply facilities with a stable power supply by Non-interruptible switching method.

We take care paper works to apply necessary procedure at public offices to install, upgrade, and expand power supply facilities. We provide the best facility solution to the customer’s needs.

Services CLIENS

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    Non-interruptible switching

    We switch over live cables to UPS loading apparatus with no interruptions to the power supply.

    About Non-interruptible switching

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    UPS, RECT and secondary batteries

    We provide a comprehensive service from installation to testing.
    We handle all necessary paperwork regarding applications to government agencies.

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    Air Conditioner Unit

    We provide air-conditioning solutions from planning to construction, including selecting suitable hardware with an air-conditioning load calculation.

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    Planning and Construction for distribution boards, branching boards, and other boards.

    We provide planning and construction for distribution boards, branching boards, and other types of boards.

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    Application to Government Agencies

    We take care of all necessary paperwork regarding the installation of power supply facilities to government agencies.

    Fire Departments: consultation and application

Power Supply Facility reference

  • Bring in power supply equipment

  • Installing the uninterruptible power supply

  • Installing a DC power supply

  • Construction of storage battery equipment

  • Internal protection when switching power