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Services/ Business Overview

We can help set up custom IP networks unique to
each customer’s specific demands.


IP networks refer to information and communications sent via IP = (Internet protocol).
Network is a collective term of telecommunications connecting LAN (Local Area Network) to WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN to LAN. LAN is a network connecting a relatively confined area such as within same building or a private network within a company.
ISDN and Frame Relay & Cell Relay were used as networking standards in the past, but Wide Area Ethernet and IPVPN network are the standard to meet the requirements of the large volume of data usage within the network recently.
Due to the recent proliferation of high-speed broadband internet access and the resulting fall in prices, the number of companies who decide to employ network solutions with VPNs is increasing.
We provide fully featured IP network solutions using both WAN and LAN infrastructure based on customers’ use cases.
Please feel free to contact us for any concerns such as negotiation with carriers (network providers), provisioning planning, and selecting network equipment through various OEMs.

Current and Previous Customers CLIENS

  • ○ SINCOL Co., Ltd.
  • ○ Genky Stores, Inc.
  • ○ Liquor World Hana
  • ○ Apple Logistics Co., Ltd., Kiramekino Center
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    Fusing Optical Cables

    Optical cables are mainly used for long distance, outside, and factory site applications. The picture shows how optical cables are fused together.

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    Metering LAN Cables

    Metering with an analyzer how much transmission loss happens in installed LAN cables in a facility to meet a standard transmission rate.

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    Installation of Network Equipment

    Installing routers and switches onto a 19-inch rack.

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    Configuration of Network Equipment

    Configuring routers and switches.

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