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Services/ Business Overview

We protect customer’s valuable systems and
electrical assets from lightning.

About lightning protection ABOUT SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICE

It is said that about 50% of cases for hardware failure and system down-time is caused by abnormal voltage resulting from lightning strikes. IP networks, telephony systems and most IT systems which serve as a platform for IT society vulnerable to abnormal voltages.
Hokuriku in particular is well known worldwide as a lightning strike hotspot. Our main systems, networks and telephony systems have often faced system down-time due to lightning.
Japan’s Lightning Protection Standard was used to be behind the EU’s. It has been reviewed based on International Standards and established as new JIS standard in 2004.
The act encourages the development of better lightning protection systems and it enables us to provide more reliable systems to our customers.
We, in cooperation with manufacturers will protect your important systems and electrical assets from lightning strikes to this new JIS standard.

Recent Use Cases CLIENS

  • ○ Fukui Bank, Ltd.
  • ○ Japan Atomic Power Company – Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant
  • ○ Chubu Regional Police Bureau